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Block & Leviton is a Boston-based law firm that specializes in class action lawsuits. Block & Leviton’s leadership team came to Adept Dynamics with a request to redesign their website and overhaul its architecture. They needed to modernize the look and feel of the website to better resonate with potential clients while also ensuring that the site’s architecture associated active cases to specific practices and attorneys.

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Block & Leviton's company website needed a redesign to modernize the brand and better resonate with potential clients. They also needed to ensure that their website architecture allowed users to easily associate active cases with specific practices and attorneys.

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To address these objectives, we worked closely with Block & Leviton’s management team to understand the holistic requirements behind the website redesign and reorganization. We began by reimagining the web style guide to elevate the styling, look, and feel of the site based on their business requirements, current trends in the legal space, and overall best Webflow practices. We then applied the new designs and overhauled the website’s architecture during the development phase, ensuring that the website was functional and accessible for all users on all modern devices. We employed a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to deliver the highest development quality and bring the website into full compliance with modern website accessibility standards.

screenshot of block and leviton's homepage on their website


As a result of our efforts, Block & Leviton was able to modernize the look and feel of their website and improve its overall user experience. The redesigned website is more resonant with potential clients and allows users to easily associate active cases with specific practices and attorneys.

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