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Chosen Family Wines, a Washington state-based wine brand founded by 2016 NBA Champion Channing Frye, engaged Adept Dynamics to support building a Webflow website for the company. We were also tasked with integrating Commerce7, an e-commerce platform, into the final version of the Webflow website. The goal was to create a seamless integration between the two technologies that would allow for seamless e-commerce transactions while maintaining a high-quality user experience for the brand’s customers.

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Chosen Family Wines needed a new Webflow website that could showcase their evolving list of products while also allowing their customers to make smooth online orders. The website needed to flawlessly connect with the Commerce7 platform to streamline the company’s e-commerce operations.

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To meet the project objectives, we worked closely with Chosen Family Wines to understand their specific e-commerce needs and strategic objectives for the new website. We created a Webflow site that was designed to match the look and feel of the brand’s style guide while ensuring that all messaging and content was laid out and easy to find. During the development phase, we successfully connected the website’s backed to Commerce7, seamlessly integrating the two services. This allowed Chosen Family Wines’ customers to easily browse and purchase their products directly from their new Webflow website, while also providing a streamlined e-commerce experience through Commerce7.


Chosen Family Wines was able to launch a new website that is user-friendly and seamlessly integrated with their e-commerce platform of choice. This has helped to improve the customer experience and drive increased sales volume.

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