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Journey is a software company that helps businesses reach their stakeholders audiences through interactive presentation materials. Journey offers a wide range of digital custom content, including videos, digital presentation decks, sales brochures, and interactive graphics – all designed with the central goal of resonating with predefined audience types in ways that translate directly to business success. Journey approached the Adept Dynamics team for help in broadening the reach of their company website: they needed to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) score using Webflow’s existing CMS capabilities.

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Journey wanted to improve their SEO by generating pages on their website based on combinations of product features (effectively expanding the digital scale of the product messaging found on their website). However, this solution presented an implementation challenge as multiple content items were required per page, and the process of expanding the product messaging overall required custom code generations that needed to take place on the individual page level. This required our team to design a solution that would allow the website to automatically create and facilitate content as pages were loaded, for individual users.

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We worked closely with Journey to understand their specific SEO objectives and the business rationale behind the effort. We implemented Webflow CMS and used custom code to generate pages based on combinations of product messaging text. This solution allowed Journey to easily create and manage thousands of pages on their website, improving their SEO score and thus enabling their marketing and sales teams to reach a wider audience.


As a result of our efforts, Journey was able to improve its overall website SEO score and reach a larger potential customer audience through its website. The implementation of Webflow CMS and custom code solutions enabled their team to easily create and manage large numbers of website pages.

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