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Logikcull is an eDiscovery solution that provides powerful, easy-to-use legal software for the processing, review, and production of high-quality legal data. Logikcull approached Adept Dynamics for strategic guidance and development support around improving their website’s overall security capabilities. This need to enhance website security was specifically in relation to some of the proprietary tools that were central to Logikcull’s overall website experience and the offering it provided to customers/potential customers.

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Logikcull had some low-level security concerns with some of the most popular tools on their website, which thousands of people interacted with on a daily basis. Logikcull required comprehensive and expedient solutions that would ensure security gaps were closed, overall website security was improved, and website experience was not negatively impacted as a result.

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To meet these critical and multifaceted project requirements, the team at Adept Dynamics worked closely with our client counterparts at Logikcull to properly understand the tools, the specific security requirements, and what kind of solution would be needed to address the security concerns - all without sacrificing overall user experience or the critical role that the tools play in driving business for Logikcull. After extensive strategic analysis and technical review, our team determined that the best course of action would be to rebuild the tools from scratch. We came to this decision as it was the only way to ensure maximum security and reliability for Logikcull and its customers. We also incorporated various custom form security solutions to better protect against other potential website vulnerabilities that could emerge in the future.

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We were able to effectively solve Logikcull’s website security concerns while ensuring that their website is secure and reliable well into the future. These proactive security enhancement efforts have helped to maintain lasting trust between Logikcull and its customers. The website tools continue to drive business as a major lead generation mechanism for Logikcull.

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