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STRATA9 is a strategic consultancy that serves mission-minded organizations and government efforts to improve education, career prospects, and career transition efforts. STRATA9’s leadership approached the Adept Dynamics team for support in transitioning their Webflow website away from a template reliant model in favor of a more custom user experience.

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STRATA9 had an existing Webflow website that was built through templates. After several years of using this model, STRATA9 specifically wanted to build upon what their marketing team had been working on and begin moving to a more dynamic/custom website experience, but they hit a roadblock and needed help polishing a few designs.

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To address these issues, we worked closely with STRATA9 to understand their specific needs and goals for the enhanced website. We utilized our front-end expertise to polish their existing designs. For any areas that lacked existing design materials, we created custom solutions to match what had already been designed. This involved building upon what their marketing team had already created and being in close collaboration with our client counterparts throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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STRATA9 was able to move away from templates and successfully migrated to a custom website solution. STRATA9 continues to leverage Adept Dynamics for ongoing Webflow support and maintenance services.

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