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The Allen Institute is a non-profit bioscience research institute located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded by billionaire philanthropist Paul G. Allen in 2003. The Allen Institute conducts large-scale basic science research studying the brain, cells, and immune system in an effort to accelerate science and disease research. The Allen Institute team approached Adept Dynamic for help porting their HTML website over to Webflow, as they wanted their marketing team to be able to easily manage their website without having to change any of the existing styles.

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The Allen Institute had an existing HTML website that was built somewhat outdated in its construction as it relied on code and styling that was difficult for their marketing team to manage. They needed a solution that would allow them to update their website on the fly, which would empower their marketing team to increase communications tempo and update the website to match organizational realities.

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To meet the project criteria, we worked closely with our Allen Institute counterparts to understand their specific expectations and goals for the website port. We performed a direct port of their HTML website to Webflow, incorporating their existing coding and styling in a way that was thoroughly modern and user-friendly. This further empowered their marketing team to manage the website and make updates on a more frequent basis. This project was extremely web development heavy as our team of front-end developers had to incorporate existing code and styling into a modern Webflow website.


As a result of our collaborative efforts, Allen Institute modernized its website and empowered its marketing team to make digital updates and changes on a more consistent/immediate basis. The website is now more user-friendly and easier to manage, allowing The Allen Institute’s marketing team to focus more of their time on strategic and in-person tasks.

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