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Power Apps Portals is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. These easy-to-build and use websites allow businesses the opportunity to create low-code, personalized websites for a variety of users (both internal and external). Through Power Apps Portals, an organization can select a variety of priority users to access and view pre-determined Dynamics 365 data.

Through these intuitive touchpoints, organizations can strengthen key business relationships and share data faster.

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Adept Dynamics extends our clients’ Dataverse interactions to external and internal audiences, including their customers, partners, and employees. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients build low-cost portals that allow safe and seamless access to predetermined parties, like a valued partner organization.


Engage with external customers and partners: Give both internal and external users secure access to your data either anonymously or through commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, or enterprise providers such as Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C).  

Custom parameters for users: Set authentication requirements, customize data for each user, and allow users to submit their information privately with straightforward admin controls.

Bring all your data together: Bring data from the apps you use—including Power BI and Power Automate—together with Microsoft Dataverse and enable your users to interact with it anytime, anywhere. Enrich portals with model-driven forms, views, lists, charts, and dashboards to offer more value with each interaction.

Strategic Planning
Stakeholder Incorporation
User Training
Internal Communication
User Support

Technology Assessment: We begin by evaluating and taking stock of a client’s current CRM system (if one exists) to better understand how its teams are using and sharing data in their daily workflows. We evaluate current-state technology using our thorough assessment model that accounts for all relevant factors (integrations, data-usage practices across departments, authenticated users, etc.).

Organization Insights Gathering: We then pair insights gained from the technology assessment with a business oriented fact-finding phase where we interface with predetermined company decision-makers in structured deep-dive Q&A sessions. These organizational deep-dives grant us with unique perspectives to better understand company processes, objectives, challenges, and optimal CRM end-states.

Recommended Approach: Once armed with the critical insights and perspectives gained from the first two phases , we create a go-forward strategy with the goal of meeting all project objectives at the highest levels possible and in the established timeframe. All Adept Dynamics projects incorporate industry best practices throughout.

To ensure the highest possible levels of user-trust, adoption, and fluency for any Dynamics 365 system, Adept Dynamics recommends incorporating our proven stakeholder incorporation model.

Our stakeholder strategy consists of working closely with our clients to determine leaders throughout their organization; ideally at both executive and manager levels and representative of the teams that will use the system most. Once stakeholders are determined, these individuals will be brought forward on a planned based into certain decision making, milestone review meetings, and other planning sessions. The stakeholder group essentially becomes de-facto project advocates and project representatives to the rest of the organization–further establishing system trust.

Additionally, the project stakeholder team is heavily involved in later-stage User Acceptance Training and Train-the-Trainer efforts.

Function-Specific Webinar Trainings: To ensure that a system’s core users are prepared and proficient for system usage in daily workflows, Adept Dynamics plans and conducts training webinars that focus on a variety of predetermined/custom topics. Training sessions begin before a system is launched/optimized and continue after initial project completion. Most training sessions focus on general topics that are relevant to a wide variety of system users. If a training session is focused on teaching a niche feature, we work with stakeholders from the relevant department/team to tailor the content accordingly.

Client-Led Training Sessions (Train-the-Trainer): In our team’s experience, hands-on training resonates most when taught in hands-on/group breakaway formats –with custom curriculum tailored to departmental requirements. Adept Dynamics works with our clients to prepare project stakeholders to teach their peers a blend of department-specific material and general capability topics.

By relying on the proven train-the-trainer model, we help to incentivize that client stakeholders learn system functions early and with high competence (further establishing them as system experts/advocates) and make group trainings more immediate and and fun (as system users are learning from their peers).

For any CRM to achieve widespread adoption and trust with its core users, a transparent and well-crafted communications program is paramount.

Adept Dynamics specializes in conceptualizing and executing internal (employee-targeted) communications programs that effectively message the purpose, benefits, and expected outcomes of Dynamics 365 systems work. Messages are tailored to account for both company-wide and individual audiences.

Closely partnering with our client leads, we create comprehensive communications plans and materials that account for a project’s entire lifecycle. Our strategic communications team creates all necessary program materials: talking points, executive communications, visual aids, sneak peak videos, and more. Additionally, we are experienced in organizing and executing complex all-company events specifically focused on preparing employee bases for Dynamics 365 through explainer presentations and systems training.

Program spokespeople are most often the predetermined project stakeholders.

To achieve broad user-success for the Dynamics 365 platform among a system’s core users, Adept Dynamics is prepared to plan and execute an ongoing support program aimed at ensuring that Dynamics 365 system users are fully supported and heard following launch.

The structure and concept of the post-deployment support is well established and consists of two distinct, yet mutually supporting components:

  • User Training and Reactive Support
  • The entire workstream is strategically led and influenced from a programmatic insights gathering funtion

Reactive Support Program to provide client with timely technical support in response to unforeseen issues and to receive new feature suggestions

  • Ticket Submission System: Adept Dynamics will create a dedicated support portal that allows authenticated system users to draft and submit technical support request tickets –tickets will then be reviewed, triaged, and executed through a real time review process overseen by Adept Dynamics. Tickets can either be submitted as bug fixes or new feature suggestions (both submission options available through the dedicated Jira portal).
  • Email-Based Support System: Separate from the support ticket system that will be used for fielding system issues (bugs) and long-range improvement recommendations.

User Training to proactively avoid issues and train users on evolving system functionality and features

  • Function-Specific Training Sessions: Scheduled training sessions (usually webinars) led by Adept Dynamics team members demonstrating use of the system in support of specific functions. Training sessions provide an environment for demonstration and hands-on learning to gradually grow employee familiarity with the system post-launch.
  • User Documentation: Adept Dynamics creates a digital “how to” guide for common user tasks, actions, or processes to supplement user training. Guides contain a mix of video content, system scree shots, and diagrams.

Insights Gathering and Sprint Planning to provide client with pertinent and authentic feedback and opinions from the system’s core users; learnings and inbound suggestions dictate Post-Deployment Support workstream priorities and future system development work.

  • User Feedback Gathering and Organization: Adept Dynamics utilizes a systematized information gathering process to record/organize feedback from the system’s core users. By utilizing its “front-line” position receiving support tickets, Adept Dynamics is well positioned to gather and synthesize authentic user-feedback.
  • Development Planning/Phasing : As user-feedback is gathered (in both reactive and proactive channels), Adept Dynamics sets up dedicated development sprint planning meeting with the client to plan all post launch development work. Sprint planning meetings focus on prioritizing bug fixes against longer term development work (new system capabilities).
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