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A prominent creative agency with a global presence approached Adept Dynamics for support in building out their business intelligence capabilities. The client’s business offerings and scale had grown significantly in recent years, and their current business intelligence and data visualization tools no longer met their needs. Adept Dynamics determined that Microsoft Power BI would be the ideal tool for the project and worked on visualization development, data structuring, workspace setup, and Power BI training.

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The client’s business intelligence and data visualization capabilities no longer met their needs due to their significant business growth; they needed a robust business intelligence solution that could visualize various data inputs in formats that would require minimal training and institutional knowledge.


To address these challenges, Adept Dynamics recommended building a custom Microsoft Power BI solution that focused on custom data visualization and a data structured design to account for future SWL queries (to streamline all future business intelligence needs while providing maximum insights into the data). We also recommended that we establish custom business intelligence workspaces that their team could operate from once our work was done. Finally, we felt like they’d benefit from a robust Power BI training course so that their employees could confidentially utilize the system well into the future.


As a result of Adept Dynamics' work, the client was able to significantly improve its business intelligence capabilities and had the tools and knowledge needed to continue developing and deploying Power BI reports and apps internally. Their data was structured in a way that maintained source anonymity while allowing for maximum interaction, all while using custom workspaces set up to allow for secure access and refinement actions. In addition, their personnel were trained on Power BI report development and app deployment to ensure their future work could be done internally.

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